Club Penguin Aqua Grabber Cheats

Aqua Grabber has two main levels. Clam Waters & Soda Seas. Both have treasures.

In Soda Seas when you see the crab leave him alone and he will give you a big treasure.

To capture Mullet in Soda Seas first collect all the Cream Soda barrels. Then hit the top of the cave as shown.

A worm will fall out.

Get the worm. Fluffy will latch onto the bait.

Then bring fluffy over to the Mullet fish. He will bite on and you must bring him to the net.

For the rare treasure you go far down past the green puffer fish.

Grab the amethyst and bring it back to the net.

In clam waters you collect pearls.

The treasure is the black pearl.

There is also another treasure. Get the pearl shaped rock and drop it into the large clam’s mouth. Then grab the real pearl and bring it back to the net.

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