How To Become A Ninja On Club Penguin

The ability to become a ninja on Club Penguin was first introduced in November 2008. To become a ninja go to the Dojo Courtyard. It’s towards the top center of your map.

Once you’re at the Dojo ¬†Courtyard walk into the main building in front of you. This will take you to the Dojo.

Once your in the Dojo head over to the Sensei. He appears when you roll your mouse over him.

Talk to the Sensei. He will explain Card-Jitsu to you and give you the Card-Jitsu Starter Pack of 10 cards to use in the game.

There are two ways you can play a game of Card-Jitsu. The first way is walking over to the Sensei.

The second way is to practice on the maps.

You play Card-Jitsu with the different cards. You need to play a card that beats your opponent card. If your opponent plays fire you would want to play water, as:

  • Water beats fire
  • Fire beats snow
  • Snow beats water

If you and your opponent place the same energy type whoever has the higher card number wins unless a power card was played in the previous card match that makes the lower card win. In order to beat the game you must be the first to have one card for each of the three elements in different colors or three cards for a single element, all differently colored. As you play Card-Jitsu more you will earn more ninja belts. You can always view your ninja progress by clicking the cards in the bottom right corner at any of the Dojo Rooms.

It’ll then show you how close you are to obtaining your next belt. The more belts you have the longer it takes to get your next belt. You can also see how many Card-Jitsu Cards your penguin has, as well as which ones.

On the Dojo Wall you can always look at the instructions for reference.

You can always see the belt legend for reference in case you’re curious.

  • White Belt
  • Yellow Belt
  • Orange Belt
  • Green Belt
  • Blue Belt
  • Red Belt
  • Purple Belt
  • Brown Belt
  • Black Belt

Once you earn your Black Belt challenge Sensei. To do this talk to the Sensei. Instead of clicking Earn Your Belts click Challenge Sensei. Your game against him will begin. You do need a black belt to defeat him. After several tries (unless you get lucky the first time) you will finally beat Sensei. Once you beat him you will earn your Ninja Mask and can enter the Ninja Hideout, also known as the Flying Flippers Emporium. To enter this room go to the Dojo Courtyard and go to the door on the left.

This is what the Ninja Hideout looks like. If you are a member you can purchase items from the Martial Arts Catalog.

Happy dueling!

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