How To Become A Fire Ninja On Club Penguin

Card-Jitsu Fire was added to Club Penguin in November 2009. To access the Fire Dojo first go to the Dojo Courtyard.

The Dojo Courtyard will look like this:

Go to the small door all the way on the left. You must have defeated Sensei in Card-Jitsu to access this room.

Once you enter through the door you will be taken to the Ninja Hideout which looks like this:

In order to access the Fire Dojo you must be a member. Click on the red stone on the left.

Once you click it an entrance will pop up. Waddle through the door and you will be taken to the Volcano.

Once you’re at the Volcano go up the steps and talk to Sensei.

Talk to Sensei. He will give you the Fire Booster Pack of game cards. You can then click Earn your Fire Suit.

Just like in the normal Card-Jitsu game you can always practice on the mats.

In Card-Jitsu Fire you can play with up to four players, with two being the minimum. In this game when it is your turn you click on one of the six stones in the inner circle. It will then decide which of the stones you can hop to on the outer circle. Depending on which stone in the outer circle you land on you can only play certain cards. If you are on a stone marked with water you can only play water cards, on a fire stone only fire cards, etc. If you land on one of the stones with all three elements you and all the players can play any of the cards you’re currently holding. If you land on a stone with the two cards you decide which player you want to battle. If you’re playing with one other person you automatically play them.

Instead of being the first to get three different colored cards like in Card-Jitsu you have energy. All players start with 6. When you win with your card you keep your energy at the number it is. If you don’t win with your card it’ll go down one. During a one on one battle the winner will take an energy from the other person if they win with their card and the loser will get an energy taken away from them. Once you get to 0 energy you lose. Whoever is the last player in the game wins.

As you progress into the game you will unlock a total of four items. Just like in the Dojo there is reference items on the wall.

The items you earn are:

  • Flame Sandals
  • Magma Coat
  • Lava Mask
  • Fiery Helmet

There is also instructions on the wall.

You can always view your ninja progress by clicking on the cards in the bottom right corner of any of the Dojo rooms.

It’ll tell you how close you are to your next item, or if you’re already a fire ninja.

Once you earn all four items challenge the Sensei. If you win he will award you with a fire gem to display on your Amulet.

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