Twitter Bits: Music Jam This Summer, No Upcoming Marvel Takeover, and More

Yesterday on Twitter Polo Field, a Club Penguin employee, had a Q&A session for a little bit. During it he revealed a few blurbs of Club Penguin’s plans for the future of the game. For starters there will be a Music Jam…hopefully without Violetta. ;-)

There are currently no plans for a third Marvel Superhero Takeover.

There are no plans for new stage plays at this time.

There are also no plans for the Recycling Plant to return.

If you are over the age of 13 and have a Twitter account you can follow Polo Field here.

35 thoughts on “Twitter Bits: Music Jam This Summer, No Upcoming Marvel Takeover, and More

  1. 3rd and 4th ones don’t care but the 2nd one really disappointed me. I really enjoyed that party. As for the music jam, I would prefer a summer jam like last year. I’m thinking June is world cup, July is Card-Jitsu and August is the music jam.

  2. Nnnnnnnooooo !!!!!! I loved the recycling center ! We should speak up to club penguin about not having peaceful parties like back in the old club penguin.who aggres with me?????

  3. I think that the Stage should be changed into a Cinema and it shows the latest Waddle On episode. The Recycling Center was extremely under-used and laggy, but it would be nice to have back for the memories.

    As for the Music Jam, let’s hope it doesn’t have any special guests like 2012 and 2013. I miss the original Music Jams since I joined CP during the 2010 Music Jam and the 2011 Music Jam was the release of the Penguin Band’s new look.

  4. -_- People are only under-using the Stage because there have been no new plays for years!

    And, finally! A normal Music Jam with no Disney adverts from shows that I’ve never heard of! xD If there are any other Disney-related things in the Music Jam, I’ll be so annoyed!

  5. Hey everyone i have a very sad story to tell you it just happend on April 28 2014 MY WHOLE DAY JUST GOT RUINED LAST SUNDAY ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT :( :'( :'(

    Once apon a time i was on Club penguin and then i was at the town because i was SUPER EXCITED for the Radio Disney Music Awards and then i said “RADIO DISNEY MUSIC AWARDS TONIGHT”and that boy said “NO ONE CARES!” So i was at the plaza and i said “RADIO DISNEY MUSIC AWARDS” and that girl said “WHO CARES ABOUT THAT!!!” I almost cried in tears in real so THEY DON’T CARE WHAT I AM GOING TO SAY! Later that night after i watch Radio Disney Music Awards i was at the town i sing “LET IT GO LET IT GO!”and that girl penguin said NO! NO NO NO JUST NO! And i feel like crying so i ran to the snow dojo and started crying so i log off

    the End

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