Series 3 Treasure Book

This is the Treasure Book from Series 3.

3 thoughts on “Series 3 Treasure Book

  1. Okai I’m a TOTAL JERK,IDIOT, ETC! I’ve unlocked the Exclusive Bunny, Rainbow Shirt, And (Not The Exclusive One) The Leprachaun Shirt. I’M SO MAD AT MYSELF! Okai WHY THE TELL WOULD I GET THE DUMB LEPRACHAUN SHIRT INSTEAD OF THE SUPER RARE BLUE BOA! AHHHH! Oh Yea Right, I Was Young. :( I WANT A TRADE IN! Lol! I’m STILL SO MAD! That Boa Is One Of The Rarest! I’m SUCH AN IDIOT! UGH!
    I Mean I Still LOVE The Rainbow Shirt And Bunny, I Wear Them ALL The Time! BUT THE DUMB LEPRACHAUN SHIRT I NEVER EVER WEAR! I’m so stupid! I gat emyself right now! Looking back at this, I’VE SOO LEARNED MY LESSON! NO JOKE! Well I Can’t Blame Myself Cuz I WAS Really Young BUT C’mon, Was I Seriously That STUPID? :(

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