Series 1 Treasure Book

This is the Treasure Book from Series 1. It was the first treasure book to be released.

6 thoughts on “Series 1 Treasure Book

  1. :( It has my favorite item in it. I never knew when I started CP that I’d be attached to that 3 and on later. It’s a shame I didn’t unlock it. I love pumpkins much, and it’s weird I got a Chef’s hat instead. Why was I stupid like that? oh yeah, i was very young

  2. I joined on Nov. 13th, 2008…I got my first CP toys on Christmas, and didn’t remember lots about CP (Long story…another penguin and stopped playing…you get the picture) and was such an idiot. lol.

  3. I was such an idiot. SUCH AN IDIOT. LOOK AT ALL THESE RARE ITEMS. AND GUESS WHAT I CHOSE? Guess. just guess.


    then a few months later, shadow guy and gamma gal returned to the stage, and I completely flipped out.

    I’m just glad i also chose the mp3000, but i SO wish I’d chosen the green bunny slippers or something instead of the stupid darn freaking camera

  4. I hope the green bunny slippers come back in a new treasure book, since the new treasure books feature only exclusives, and they even have some old exclusives from when the treasure books had only 1 page of exclusives.

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