September 2005 Penguin Style

This is the first ever Penguin Style catalog. It came out in September 2005, during Club Penguin’s beta testing stage. The pictures below are not the best quality. Do you have any more pictures of this clothing catalog? Email us at

39 thoughts on “September 2005 Penguin Style

    • can we wear like the shirt that has a arm sticking out and have a strap? and like purse ballet shoes and brown diva sunglasses? plz tell me! Bye btw if u want to add me im bgirl0205 U.U THX BYE XD

  1. Hey Penguin Fans Whats Up Masterpaige7 here!,
    If you go on Abominable and you still play in 2012 you may know Drazerclaw! Hes rare and you can ask him about cp! Hes famous not like famous famous just popular so anyways, I am 1 of Drazerclaws friends well not really cause of Disney my list wont work and neither does his nobodys works! Anyways i help drazerclaw get people to his partys they are very fun but if any chance if you go on Abominable can you go to my partys and like them my goal is 4,000 right now i have 1,673 likes thanks! Bye!Btw he is always on dont look in the pet shop he hates pookies more than anything on the internet they are taking over and also preps, pookies, people with out glasses, peaople with out shoes, and people who look wierd… Some People if you look wierd like a black mask and rare items thats fine im talking about a dress and wierd wigs kinda thing please if you have these things wear them so they wont take over
    -For Boys-
    1.i dont know what its called you will see people with hoodies and the hair thats what hair you shall wear
    2.hoodies [any color] even pink
    3.Orange sneekers or any shoes pink bunny slippers sunglasses that are in this catalog
    5.OR wear the other one also in catalog with the white and blue and red
    6.dress rare wear those glasses or a black mask brown if you a are dressing rare wear any color exept pink unless girl

    for girls
    1.blitter flutter hair or the brown 1
    2.any color hoodie
    3.pear necklace or scarfs [girls and boys]
    4.diva glasses brown, white, orange,blue not pink unless thats all you have wear it
    5.ballet or bunny shoes or sneekers
    1.Dont Talk Like This Like A Prep How Im Talking Now
    2.try to say XD after everything you say like this or LIKE THIS
    4.dont adopt pookies if you dont they will stop and then they will be a prep then all you do dont be a prep!
    5.dont say LOL LAWL HAHAHA much its annoying just say XD
    6.ignore preps unless they are at your partys [if you are making a collage be a prep you get more ppl that way] funny dont be serious

  2. Dumbo everyone knows CP started in october 2005 not September you know nothing about club penguin. You don’t deserve a blog. I know almost everything about CP but I don’t get a blog because my mom doesent let me chase my dream and be famous on CP! So before you post something just learn or don’t be so dumb

  3. Ik drazerclaw cuz my other Pengy friended him and redpeed3 has been to one of his igloo party’s……I was a lobster during those times but Anywayz I’m being awsome like trainman!!

  4. Hehehe trainman just foiled you down down down!!!!HEHEHE MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE….……………..………..………..……………………….…

  5. COOL i wish i was playing that in 2005 but i was to little to play when i was 0yr old!! :( i want the stuff hey do u know where the diva sunglasses are im dieing for diva sunglasses! U.U Q.Q HELP ME (/./)

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