Wig Catalogs (Discontinued)

The first Wig Catalog came out in October 2007 but was later discontinued because it was merged into the Penguin Style (clothing) catalogs towards the end of 2008. Select which year of Wig Catalogs you would like to view below.

2007 Wig Catalogs

2008 Wig Catalogs

37 thoughts on “Wig Catalogs (Discontinued)

  1. Hey Trainman I Was Wondering Why Do Ppl Say I Want Old Club Penguin I Started Cp In 2006 And I Got Banned Forever So I Made A New Acount So Now I Understand In 2011 The Catalogs Are Horrible And The Wig Catalog Was Okay. But Not Awesome. Please Reply Back Why They Want It Bak.


        NO MORE PSA:(!!!!!

        • Ok crazies!
          ill explain everything:
          1: The old cp let people use their imangination and have fun
          2: They had lots more parties and lots of cool items
          3: If Disney never bought cp, everything would be happy again!

          Sadly, Disney won’t take requests……. im a true beliver for hope
          in cp.. My name on cp is Nichole1837 :) fight for what you love

  2. i miss the wig catolog it makes me cry when ever i see a catolog. I played Cp ever since i knew about it I WANT OLD CP BACK!!! AND THE WIG CATOLOG!!!!

  3. Have you guys noticed that CP brang back most of those wigs multiple times? The flutterby was brang back at least twice! I have most of those wigs BECAUSE they brang it back! I don’t like that they did that, though. I mean, sure I have the wigs now, but think of what the other people are thinking! They probably used to be rare and popular because they had that wig. Since CP brang it back, no one cares and everyone wears it! They don’t feel special anymore! Anyway, can’t CP think up new ideas? It happened to me with those wigs too, after CP brang my favorites all back in 2011 :^P

  4. No! New Club Pengiun is the best thing in the world. That vote was in old cp and you guys voted for that to go away! So, it was in 2008 the time Disney got it. Oh, and disney didn’t make that post, so you guys wanted it to be horrible. But its awesome to me!

  5. Hmm, and rare doesn’t matter. Rare is not in cp.
    Have you ever knew that some people from the old missed it and really wants? That’s why they brought it back.
    Oh, and I wanted the tuft and I started 2006 but I missed it! So, I am glad its back. The items are still rare because they were in old cp!

    • now the secret agent goggles are worthless too
      i used to be a popular penguin cuz i had them. after they were in EPF room they were common.

    • Yeah I agree.Cuz I started in 2011 March 20 Oh And My ANIVERSARY IS COMING UP YAY!!!!But back to CP I could’ve gotten the flutterby but I didn’t get so I emailed them this year and they said there bringing it back this year Yayyy!

  6. Club Penguin was bought by Disney. Club Penguin was a simple game on miniclip before it got purchased. The old cp had more parties and better items to buy. also there was no moderators so it was all freedom. i found a link to penguin chat and i played it. it was so boring.

    • How? Do you need a membership? If you do… DAMM IT!! I got NO membership!!
      I hate myself!!!
      That’s pretty all!
      I was joking about hating myself!

  7. I loved the old cp….. and i still do. but disney crossed the line in 2010 and 2011 when they made the new buddy lists and changed the sports shop into the everyday phoning faculty. why did they start the epf????? the psa was fine as it was when the popcorn explosion caused by herbert. because of that, the sports shop was closed. NOW…we need to go to the stadium and then get it. and with the new buddy lists, u cant see whos in the room. and thats makes it more difficult to see whos in the room. im not saying that cp is HORRIBLE…but im saying that it needs to bring back some of the old things

    • OLD CP?

      I joined in December 2011! So… I guess I missed out! Well I finshed all CP missions! All In one year! (2012) Well I think? Anyways… What was Old Club Penguin like? I don’t know…. I only stayed for chirstmas! :(

  8. Okay listen people Disney works hard to give us this stuff appreciate it!!!They work everyday trying to make Cp the best they can and were just hating and be mean even though they work SO hard.How would you feel if you worked hard on something and someone hated it and said it to YOU.New Cp is better than no Cp so feel happy that we even have Cp!We should be glad that this wonderful site is around!

  9. i joined cp in 2011 but i have seen videos of old cp and i think that disney SUCKS!!!!!!!!! I WANT OLD CP! IT SOUNDS AWESOME!

  10. Y do u want old cp back it was…well…ok…but new cp is much better as non-members can buy clothes and the parties r more epic but still i do wish they would bring back the festival of flight that was epic!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  11. the old cp is really cool i have played since 2007 and i like it better than the new one although i still love the new one. I just wish they would bring back the old design but not the old clothes i am rare and i feel special so i am glad they havnt brought the plane hoodies back i have the pink and green and i have some wigs from when those catologs were there. I remeber the orange puffle party it was so cool. i also have the dance floor rug (i am not talking about the flooring) and the puzzle rug, the puffle bean bags, the coffee couch, starry night, and the costomize furniture (old versions) i remeber making the t-shirts instead of hoodies, and the face paint i like the new cp but the old cp better, also the release of smoothie smash in 2012 was awesome. oh yeah and marvin martin i also wish they would bring paint by letters back. i have the 4th anaversery pin and the fire work pin, the blow fish pin, even the cupcake pin.

  12. if u want, u can email cp. i did. it was soooo cool! they actually reply to your emails!
    and seriously? why are you people badmouthing Disney? in case you’ve forgotten, Disney is operated by REAL PEOPLE! if people on the club penguin team saw your comments, they wouldn’t be too happy, now, would they? if Disney hadn’t bought cp, it probably would have eventually run out of money and gone out of business!they did the same thing with marvel, and lucasarts. Disney bought those companies because they weren’t doing too well and they wanted to make something better out of them! remember that.

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