On This Day In Club Penguin History – June 1

On the 1st of June Club Penguin has only had in-game updates in 2007, when that month’s Penguin Style. However, there is also a newsworthy event that happened on this day in 2015. In 2015 it was announced that Daffodaily5, Karlapop321, Koa Koralle, and Loustik005 were leaving Club Penguin. This was due to the closure of the United Kingdom office. It was also announced on this day in 2015 that the Fair and Rainbow Puffle Party were extended.

The June 2007 Penguin Style was filled with summer fashion. Items such as the Hawaiian Shirt, Lifeguard Shirt, Grass Skirt, and Yellow Bikini were in it.


As for 2015, the Club Penguin office in the United Kingdom was closing, so as a result Daffodaily5, Karlapop321, Koa Koralle, and Loustik005, bloggers for Club Penguin, were departing.

Here is Daffodaily’s goodbye post:


Today I have some big news: some of us are moving on to our own little adventures. The blog will continue to bring you the latest CP news and stories, and Megg will be taking over Penguin of the Week!

The time I’ve spent as part of this community has been so brill. Here’s a pic of my favourite events we’ve shared together:


It’s been amazing to get to know everyone, and to celebrate that, we’re hosting an epic parade across four different languages with the German, French and Spanish bloggers: Koa Koralle, Loustik005, and Karlapop321! On Wednesday, June 3rd, we’ll meet in the Plaza at the following times:

4:00pm BST (8:00am PST) – English, Big Foot server

4:15pm – Spanish, Avalancha server

4:30pm – German, Handschuhe server

4:45pm – French, Yeti Server

I hope we’ll see some of you there! In the meantime, share your favourite memories in the comments.

Waddle on forever!


– Daffodaily5

Here is Karlapop321’s post, translated from Spanish to English:

Hello penguins!

Today I have news for you penguins, this is my last post on the “What’s New” blog because I’m going to start new adventures. But do not worry, because the blog will continue to publish the freshest and greatest news about Club Penguin!

It was great blogging and meeting so many wonderful penguins each week, plus all the parties on the island!


And to celebrate, we will organize a fantastic party which you don’t want to miss! On Wednesday, June 3rd I will be with Daffodaily5, Koa Koralle, and Loustik005 with a parade through the servers of different languages. See you at the Plaza, the times are:

8:00 a.m. Official Club Penguin time – English, Server Big Foot

8:15 a.m. Official Club Penguin time – Spanish, Avalanche Server

8:30 a.m. Official Club Penguin time – German Handschuhe Server

8:45 a.m. Official Club Penguin time – French Yeti Server

See you in 3…2…1!

– Club Penguin Team

Here’s Koa Koralle’s goodbye post from the German Club Penguin Blog, translated to English:

Hello Friends!

I have some pretty big news for you. Some of us will embark on new adventures, but the blog will continue to provide you lots of news and CP stories.

The time with you was just indescribably beautiful. Here are some of the great parties that we have experienced together:


It was so so so great to meet you all, and to celebrate we are throwing a big party!!! Daffodaily5, Loustik005, Karlapop321 and I invite you to a huge parade through the different server languages! We meet Wednesday (06.03.2015) at the Plaza at these times:

17:00 – English, server Big Foot
17:15 – Spanish, Server Avalancha
17:30 – German, Server gloves
17:45 – French, Server Yeti

In the meantime share your favorite memories with me in the comments!


Your friend Koa Korral
-The Club Penguin Team

Finally, here is Loustik005’s goodbye post, translated from French to English:

Hi penguins!

Today I have news for you as big as the iceberg: I am flying towards new adventures … This is my last post and Kezacoa will continue to bring you the latest news from CP on the blog.

I spent six fantastic years here in Club Penguin, and the community is so bright that when I think of you, I will wear my sunglasses :-) I say “Goodbye friends, I will miss you and I will never forget you. But I know I can count on you to always have a smile!”.


To mark this new beginning for the blog, international bloggers Daffodaily5, Koa Koralle, Karlapop321 and myself, decided to organize an epic party this Wednesday, June 3rd! We will be moving from one language to another and visit the Plaza every time. Here is the order:

5:00 p.m. – English PC, Big Foot (TIME FRANCE)

5:15 p.m. – Spanish PC, Avalancha

5:30 p.m. – German PC, Handschuhe

5:45 p.m. – French PC, Yeti

I hope you can come! In the meantime, tell your best memories of Club Penguin in the comments!

Ciao friends! I count on you to continue to send buzz and fuzz!

– Loustik005 (☼‿-)

Also on this day in 2015 it was announced that the Fair, on the computer, was extended until June 10th, an extra week, and the Rainbow Puffle Party, on mobile was extended until June 17th, an extra two weeks.


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