Club Penguin’s Project Super Secret Will Likely Have a Geographical Beta Test

Back at the end of April when Club Penguin posted their Meet the Band sneak peek video of Project Super Secret, Penguin 43 commented on the blog post wondering if there was going to be a beta test for it. Several days later Megg replied with an answer!

Megg replied saying that there will most likely be a geo-beta.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 1.35.54 PM

“Most likely” is obviously not 100% definite, meaning it can always change. For those unfamiliar with what a geo-beta is, it’s short for geographical beta: meaning only people in a certain geographical location (typically a specific set of countries) are allowed to participate. It would be specific to what Club Penguin did for their Puffle Wild and Disney Mix apps, soft launching them in Australia and New Zealand so they could be tested by players before making the app available worldwide.

This makes me question if Project Super Secret will be a mobile app only and soft launched in Australia and New Zealand like Club Penguin previously did. After all, all the Project Super Secret sneak peek videos we’ve seen so far have been on an iPhone.

What do you think?

Thanks King Boo8884!

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