Club Penguin’s Having a Zootopia Takeover

By / May 17, 2016

Now it’s only a few days away from happening, but back in April Megg announced that a Zootopia Party will be May’s Party on Club Penguin…and also June’s. And the first week of July’s.

Here’s the blog post:

Hi penguins,

Have you ever imagined what life is like for Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde? Have you wanted to see the city where animals live in peace and harmony?

Now’s your chance. ZOOTOPIA is on its way to Club Penguin!

Get ready for Savanna Central hang-outs with your friends! What a great place for a pawpsicle… Mmmm!

The party is on from May 19 – July 6, 2016. Members will have access to some wild Zootopia themed outfits! Does that mean I get to dress as Clawhauser? I hope so! I really want donuts.

Is this the perfect time to talk about our favorite Zootopia characters? YES! Let me know yours in the comments.

-Club Penguin Team

That’s so long…I hope it doesn’t get old too quickly.

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Anthropomorphic penguins dressed as anthropomorphic animals?!