Club Penguin Blog: Megg Meet-Up: 31 Days for CP! (Now Over)

Today at 3:30 PM PST (6:30 PM EST/11:30 PM in the UK) Megg will be hosting a meetup for “31 Days for CP”. Read on for all the details in case you’re interested in attending.


Ten-hut penguins! Fall in line!

The Zootopia Police Department wants YOU! To come celebrate 31 Days for CP, a special event put on by some amazing members of our community. :D


Okay, so maybe I don’t have a future as a police recruiter. But maybe YOU have a future as a ZPD officer.

Aside from celebrating our awesome community, your help is also needed! There’s been a rise in crime by lion-masked penguins. The gang’s ticked off after being over-charged for lemonade at Savanna Central. Robberies have been reported!

Ready to do your part? Sign up for work at the ZPD and protect the streets! YOU can make a difference!

Our recruiting event will be held TODAY at the ZPD HQ (entrance can be found at the Snow Forts) at 3:30pm Penguin Standard Time, on the server Hockey.

(Hmm, maybe I’m not a bad recruiter after all).

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

2 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: Megg Meet-Up: 31 Days for CP! (Now Over)

  1. I’m kind of confused, lol. This is the first time I’m hearing this.

    Like 31 as in a month? People like Riyita suggested it?

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