Club Penguin Blog: A Haiku for You

Back on the 23rd of April Megg wrote about haiku’s on Club Penguin’s blog, as Haiku Day was a week before on the 17th of April.

Here’s Megg’s blog post:

Hi there penguin friends!

Check this out:

A Day for Haiku,
Was on April 17th,
Let us celebrate

Okay, maybe my haiku skills need some work. Luckily, I know a master poet who can help.

I’ve collected some of Sensei’s past work so that we can learn from him. Here’s one of his haiku that tells us exactly how they work:

To write a haiku
You just need to write three lines
Of five, seven, five

Five, seven, five, got it! Let’s see what else Sensei says.

And it’s quite easy,
To sound very sage and wise,
Speaking with haiku

So true! I feel wise just reading them. Hmmm… what else can I find?

Like the great cookie
We must have honor and strength
And chocolate chips

Wise words that include chocolate chips? I’m really liking this haiku thing.

Do you have any haiku you’d like to share? Let’s get poetic in the comments below!

-Club Penguin Team

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