Club Penguin Blog: 5 Kind-of-Famous CP Residents You Might Not Know

On Friday BuzzFeed Club Penguin posted a list of some of Club Penguin’s lesser known characters, such as Rory, whom we haven’t heard mentioned in the game in the while. It was a good blog post!

You can read it below:

Hi penguins,

Club Penguin has a huge history! I bet you know about Rockhopper and his daring adventures. And DJ Cadence with her chart-topping hits.

But do you know about…

1. Garianna


Does that name sound familiar? It should! Garianna is Gary the Gadget Guy’s distant aunt.

She was an awesome chef, and I don’t mean fish dinner. Garianna cooked up potions with amazing magic powers!

2. The Living Sled


This film character is found in the Night of the Living Sled films. Be warned of watching these spooky thrillers, I scream every time I see a sled now!

3. Rory


This penguin helped make a lot of Club Penguin’s buildings. He probably even helped with some of your igloos!

Where is he now? Rumor has it, Rory took on a huge building project somewhere.

4. Keeper of the Boiler Room


This green puffle can sometimes be found at the Dance Club jamming out. Don’t let the sweet moves fool you– the Keeper’s job is to maintain an archive of Club Penguin history.

5. The Charming, Eloquent, Rainbow-sheened, Flaxen-haired Glitterpants!!! (Rarest of them all)


Hey, I didn’t put this name on the list! Has Glitterpants been adding himself to my blog entries AGAIN?

How many of these did you know? Who would you add to the list? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

-Club Penguin Team

Lol @ the end of number 5. :P

4 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: 5 Kind-of-Famous CP Residents You Might Not Know

  1. When I first saw the post on the blog, I couldn’t stop laughing at how much it sounded like BuzzFeed; I’m glad I’m not the only one who can see that! xD

  2. I haven’t forgot Rory, i wish he gets more appearance or character development. Like Jet Pack Guy, before 2013 he was silent as Rory but he know became a iconic character of CP (He will need to become a mascot anytime soon)

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