Club Penguin Blog: 3 Gary Inventions That Totally Worked! (And 2 That Didn’t)

By / April 16, 2016

Yesterday Megg posted a type of content on the Club Penguin Blog that the team usually doesn’t: she wrote a blog post that highlights five of Gary’s many intentions, some that worked out well and some that didn’t.

If you’re interested, you can read the full post below:

Hi penguins,

Gary the Gadget Guy has made some amazing devices. Check these ones out!


1. System Defender

PEW PEW PEW!! Declassified EPF documents confirmed that Gary built this training exercise. While it’s supposed to train agents to defend the EPF’s mainframe, it’s mostly just a fun game to play on coffee breaks.


2. Island Lifter 3000

The windows around the Underground Pool had to be replaced. Just one problem. If they were removed, water would flood in.

So Gary came up with a simple solution. He’d lift the entire island into the sky with a balloon filled of super-helium!

Um… so maybe Gary doesn’t know what simple means.


3. Minderizer 3000

Do you need to help a penguin who lost their mind? There’s a device for that!

This invention helped fix Rockhopper’s mind after he ate cursed stinky cheese. Now if only there was a way to fix his stinky breath.


4. Crab Translator 3000

This amazing device was almost as good as Rookie at translating crab. Notice that I said “was.” This invention blew up, helping Klutzy escape the PSA (now known as the EPF).

Penguins haven’t been able to understand crab radio broadcasts since.


5. Gary Bot 2999

This was one of the robots that was part of the 10th Anniversary Party. Too bad Herbert had a nefarious plan for all of them.

Herbert changed the bots’ coding and wired them to go nuts. Luckily, brave penguins short-circuited these mechanical menaces and once again, the island was saved!

What would you like to see Gary invent? Let’s hear your ideas in the comments below!

-Club Penguin Team

I also have a question for you. Which invention of Gary’s is your favourite?

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Actually, I think when Gary fixes the spaceship, we’ll be able to explore where the alien-puffles come from.