Club Penguin Announces The Sasquatch’s Name

Just under a month ago Club Penguin wanted us to pick what Sasquatch’s name is going to be, and today they’ve announced the winning name on the blog!

As you may recall, the choices were Bronk, Scruff, Reginald, and Sam. Sam ended up winning. Here’s the announcement blog post Megg made:

Hi penguins,

The sasquatch is overwhelmed by your support. So many of you helped choose a name for him.

The results are in and the winning name is………


Great choice, everyone! Now we have the answer to so many questions.

Who is that chomping down a giant fish cake? SAM!

Who is that wearing one of the fabled beta hats? SAM!

Who clogged the bathroom sink with a big hairball? SAM!

I kind of want to call him Sam-squatch. Let’s congratulate Sam on his new name in the comments!

-Club Penguin Team

Bummer, I was hoping Scruff would win. Kind of weird Sam won, since “Scruff” was mentioned in the comments on Club Penguin’s blog almost twice as much! Oh well.

7 thoughts on “Club Penguin Announces The Sasquatch’s Name

  1. I don’t really think they it matters what we think mostly, it’s been obvious through the years that something we ‘vote’ on often has already been decided.

    Still like the website.

  2. What? SERIOUSLY??? SAM? that’s NOT a name for a CP mascot! c’mon club penguin EVERYONE was like “Name him Scruff” because for some reason it just the right name for the sasquatch, its cool, its original, but NO instead take a normal not original name “SAM” -_- yeah i think im gonna leave CP if they don’t do better stuff then this, Also WHY NOT PUT A POLL ( like twitter has) on the blog like you did in the old CP days???? Now its like ok lets pick a random name! :-/

    (Please CP go back original and not what you are doing now! )

  3. Don’t forget there are the other languages. Probably the people from other languages voted for Sam or something else than Scruff.

    Anyways, IMO, I think Scruff fits Sasquatch more than Sam…

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