On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 2

By / March 2, 2016

Updates on the 2nd of March have happened in 2006 and 2007. In 2006 Club Penguin made some behind-the-scenes adjustments to speed up the game’s loading times and they also added new emotes. In 2007 a new pin was hidden on the island and a new edition of the Penguin Style was released.

In 2006 an update to the game’s login system was released to speed up loading times. Although not related to loading, alongside this update two new emotes were added to the game: the pizza and toot.

In 2007 the Shrimp Pin, Club Penguin’s 27th pin, was hidden. It could be found in the Dance Lounge, now known as the Arcade. It is the second pin to have been hidden in that room. Also on this day in 2007 the clothing catalogue was updated for the month. Lots of spring-related clothes were released in it. Some of the items in the March 2007 Penguin Style were the Yellow Raincoat, Pink Duffle Coat, Trendy Sunglasses, Shamrock Dress, and Leprechaun Tuxedo.



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Turk Ois

Turk Ois

Is that a newspaper hat?
I’ve never seen a penguin wear one.
The little kids would like one of those, but it would need to be for nonmembers for them to get it.



Yup! It hasn’t been around since late 2007.