On This Day In Club Penguin History – February 27

By / March 2, 2016

On the 27th of February there were two updates in 2009 and 2014, plus in 2015 the Puffle Wild app received a minor update. In 2009 a new pin was hidden on the island and Rockhopper arrived for a visit. In 2014 more prizes were now available at the Fair.

The new pin that was hidden on this day in 2009 was the O-Berry Pin. It could be found at the Iceberg. This pin is Club Penguin’s 84th pin overall and is the second pin to have been hidden in that room. The second update and only other update in 2009 was Rockhopper arriving at the Club Penguin island for another visit. His free item for all players was the Treasure Map Background. Members could purchase the Swashbuckler Outfit for 550 coins. They could also purchase the Wall Map furniture item for 250 coins each as well as the Treasure Chest for 800 coins each. The Porthole furniture item, costing 160 coins a piece, was hidden in the catalogue.


In 2014 multiple new items were now available at the Fair. Members could obtain the Fluffy Stuffie for 1,500 tickets and the Blue Motorbike for 3,500 tickets. They could also collect the Quasar Helmet and Polka Dot Pirate Puffle Hats for 4,000 tickets each. Nonmembers could get the Twinkle Twinkle Hat for 1,000 tickets each.

Finally, in 2015, Club Penguin released a minor update for their now defunct Puffle Wild app. The update brought it to version 1.2.1. It contained minor bug fixes and performance optimisations.


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