Club Penguin Project Super Secret Update Video

Towards the end of las week Club Penguin posted a new Project Super Secret video on their blog and YouTube channel. It shows off the clothing customiser once again, but this time around it is the near-final version of it.

Megg also had a little extra note to say in her blog post to address the recent rumours:

On another note, some of you have heard rumors that in the future, Club Penguin may be a mobile-only app. Right at this very moment, the team is thinking and planning and waddling and talking about all the options—we’re not ready to say for sure what platforms it’ll be on—but we always take into account our community.

3 thoughts on “Club Penguin Project Super Secret Update Video

  1. Most of the cousins are not old enough to have mobile phones and stuff.
    Too small, too expensive and TOO BREAKABLE.
    We share laptops.
    Let’s see…. 5 or 6 member penguins at $80 a year, that’s $400 – $480 they won’t get from us.

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