On This Day In Club Penguin History – February 7

2013 is the only year with updates on the 7th of February. A lot of updates took place. New editions of the furniture catalogue and igloo catalogues were released, a new pin was hidden on the island, and a minor updates occurred also, including new igloo music, the postcards being updated, and a new log off screen.

The new edition of the furniture catalogue had a large variety of items that were themed around the three movie sets at the upcoming Hollywood Party. Some of the items in the furniture catalogue that month were the Grand Piano, Video Camera, Jumbo TV, Spaceship, DJ Booth, Basketball Court, and Jukebox. Back in 2013 the furniture and igloo catalogues were separate, so the igloo catalogue was updated on this day too. The new igloo for February 2013 was the Penthouse Igloo.

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 3.13.06 PM

Another update on this day was a new pin being hidden, the Shooting Star Pin. It is Club Penguin’s 237th pin overall. It was hidden at the Cave. It was the tenth pin to be hidden in that room.

As for minor updates on this day in 2013, they included a new igloo music track, the featured postcards were updated, and a new logoff screen. The featured postcards were now “Hide and Seek”, “Your Biggest Fan”, and “Dance Party”. The new logoff screen was advertising the new Penthouse Igloo.

EN 0206-Hollywood-Exit-Screen-2-1360210013


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