February 9, 2016 Penguin of the Week: Brisingr11

By / February 9, 2016

Today Megg posted this week’s Penguin of the Week on the Club Penguin Blog. The lucky penguin is Brisingr11, who was nominated by Justice1090 and Babu Lal.

These are the nominations for Brisingr:

“For Penguin Of The Week I will nominate a very kind penguin: Brisingr11! When I first met him, we were at the Night Club, which was packed, and he offered me a spot on the dance floor! Not only is he kind, but he’s a great dancer, too! I really hope he wins Penguin Of The Week!”

“Hi Megg! I would like to nominate Brisingr11 for Penguin Of The Week, BUT WHERE TO START!? He is just the best guy I’ve ever met! He is a great friend, and his igloos…AWESOME! He and I met in the Clothes Shop and I thought he was so cool. I’d really be happy if he won!”


Want to nominate someone for POTW? Comment on the Club Penguin Blog with their penguin username and why they should be chosen. Who knows, the Club Penguin Team may end up picking who you nominated! All winners receive 10,000 coins and the Penguin of the Week background.

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