Club Penguin To Have Another Puffle Party Next Month

Continuing the tradition, Club Penguin will be holding their annual Puffle Party on the island next month. Megg made the announcement today on the game’s official blog.

AMAZING news, penguins!

The PUFFLE PARTY is coming and it’s PACKED with puffles! 41 of them!

So guess what? We’ll be featuring ALL OF THEM on the blog, starting with the BLUE PUFFLE!


The blue puffle is old school cool. They were seen way back in 2005! They are really loyal to friends.

One of the strangest rumors about the blue puffle is that they have secret superpowers.

Could that be true? Or maybe someone actually saw a blue crystal puffle flying?

What do you guys think? I’d love to hear all your blue puffle thoughts in the comments!

-Club Penguin Team

41, wow, that’s…a lot!

14 thoughts on “Club Penguin To Have Another Puffle Party Next Month

  1. Let’s see…
    White, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown, black, rainbow, gold… 12
    Snowman head, orange cat, blue dog, blue crystal, purple ghost, 6 dinosaur colors, … 23
    4 rabbits, 4 deer, 4 raccoons, unicorn… hm – 36
    Some party specials – reindeer puffle, bat, dragon, chicken – 40

    Never saw one, but heard about crab puffles – were they real?
    If so, then that’s 41
    The new ones are nice but I like the originals best, because they interact with the furniture in the igloos.

      • I saw the crab puffles on Google image. Very cute.

        Now that I think about it my list can’t be right, they must not be counting transformation puffles… there was more than one color of dragon, and a black unicorn transformation too.
        Curious now.
        So there were 4 alien puffles (to take the place of the reindeer, bat, dragon, and chicken transformations I mentioned). And I guess the crab puffles aren’t real. :(
        That takes us back to 40.
        Still missing 1.

        • Let’s see…

          —-REGULAR PUFFLES—
          1. Blue
          2. Red
          3. Black
          4. Purple
          5. Pink
          6. Green
          7. Yellow
          8. White
          9. Orange
          10. Brown
          11. Rainbow
          12. Gold


          13. Blue Triceratops
          14. Red Triceratops
          15. Black T-Rex
          16. Purple T-Rex
          17. Pink Stegosaurus
          18. Yellow Stegosaurus
          19. Blue Border Collie
          20. Orange Tabby Cat
          21. Snowman
          22. Ghost
          23. Blue Deer
          24. Red Deer
          25. Purple Deer
          26. Black Deer
          27. White Rabbit
          28. Red Rabbit
          29. Pink Rabbit
          30. Green Rabbit
          31. Orange Raccoon
          32. Pink Raccoon
          33. Blue Raccoon
          34. Green Raccoon
          35. Yellow Unicorn
          36. Blue Crystal
          37. Green Alien
          38. Orange Alien
          39. Purple Alien
          40. Yellow Alien

          Yeah there are only 40 adoptable puffles existing so far…What if CP will release a new puffle at this years Puffle Party and their words got somewhat “slipped away”?

          • Now that I remember, there’s Flare which penguins can walk him around as well. However, it’s more of an item than an actual puffle. Also, Flare is a black puffle but eh, what if CP has Flare considered as one of the 41 puffles on the list?

      • Crab Puffles are most likely fake.

        I heard that idea from a user of the CP Wiki. He had that idea while planning a custom Water Party. The same user got the idea of Teal Puffles.

    • My only gripe is that you can’t get rid of the specialty puffles if you decide you don’t like one of them.
      Once you have it, it’s yours forever.
      I have a couple I’d like to dump. er, um… I mean let go back to their mommies.

      I do rather like that you can get just the type you want…
      One of my cousins has a igloo full of pink and white bunnies, another went mainly for the dinosaurs.

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