Club Penguin Memories 3 Month Membership Contest Winners

By / January 5, 2016

Apologies for the delay, but I finally have the time to sit down and announce the winners of the three 3-month memberships I am giving away!

First, here’s the trivia answers:

  1. How many times did Rockhopper visit Club Penguin in 2014? I accepted both two and three. Two in the virtual world, plus on TV in the Mery Walrus special.
  2. What year did Rookie become meetable in-game? 2011
  3. What was the member only party Club Penguin held in 2009? Waddle On Dance-a-Thon
  4. What item did Tato Maxx give players who attended one of his big meetups several years back? Hawaiian Lei (aka Red Lei)
  5. When did Polo Field leave Club Penguin? (month/year needed) April 2015
  6. When did the gold puffle become adoptable? November 2013
  7. What three party options were there for November 2007? Western Party, Sports Party, and Pirate Party
  8. Of the three party options for November 2007, which party did Club Penguin end up having that month? Western Party
  9. What month of what year was the first pin released? March 2006
  10. Am I a Club Penguin moderator? Yes! Just kidding. No.

I felt like making a video of me drawing the winners, so here you go…:

Congratulations to Waddle2011, Crazypup489, and Mt Orange! I’ll be sending you three your Club Penguin memberships shortly.

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congrats 2 the winners! on a side note ur hair looks on point as always



Lol. Thank you. :P