Club Penguin Blog: Penguins Helping Penguins

On Wednesday Surfa Siss made another post on Club Penguin’s Blog about Coins For Change and how it’s making the world in a better place. This post is all about penguins!

Hi Penguins!

It’s so exciting to be able to share with you details about each project we’re supporting with Coins For Change! This next one should be near and dear to everyone’s hearts – it’s helping endangered penguins around the world with Global Penguin Society. January 20th was Global Penguin Awareness Day – no better time than to tell you about penguins we are helping!

Did you know that penguins don’t live just in Antarctica? All 17 types of penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere except the Galápagos Penguin. Penguin species are found along the coastlines of Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru, South Africa and many islands everywhere in between! I had a chance to visit our penguin friends in Argentina. There I met Pablo Garcia Borboroglu a conservationist working hard to help penguins. Reasons some penguin species are endangered is climate change, pollution and loss of nesting grounds where penguins have their babies.

Check out these baby Magellanic penguins with their parent in Punta Tombo, Argentina:


And here’s Pablo teaching kids how to help protect penguin’s in Argentina:


It’s amazing what one person can do to make a difference! We all can do our part to help protect our environment – doing so will help penguins, other animals and us! What will you pledge to do to help the environment where you live this year?

Waddle on!

-Surfa Siss


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