Club Penguin Memories Holiday Giveaway 2015 – Contest 2

It’s time for the second 3-month Club Penguin membership giveaway! Starting from the moment this post is published (December 20, 2015 at midnight PST) you will have 48 hours (until 11:59:59 PM PST of the 21st) to enter to win the second code up for grabs. The task is different than the previous one, so make sure you read the entire post carefully!!

The task for day 2 is to guess in a comment what room at this year’s Holiday Party the screenshot below is from. As long as you correctly guess the room you will get an entry for the second contest. You are only allowed one guess and you cannot guess more than one room in your guessing comment.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 4.39.04 PM

Any entries for this day after 11:59:59 PM PST on the 21st of December will not count. Instead, enter the third giveaway when it’s published at midnight PST on December 22nd!

Do not cheat as you will be disqualified. Make sure you include your email address when submitting a comment so I can give you the code if you win! That is crucial, as without an email I cannot contact you to give you the code. All you have to do is put you email address in the email box when leaving a comment or stick it in your comment and I’ll edit it out so nobody else can see it.

Remember, the three winners will be announced on or around the 26th of December. You can reference this post anytime for all of the information you need to know. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me at any time and I will try my best to respond as soon as possible. Good luck everyone, and may the odds be ever in your favour. :)

See you on the 22nd for the third giveaway!

45 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories Holiday Giveaway 2015 – Contest 2

  1. Hello and Merry Christmas! :D

    I think that this screenshot is the Mine (as in the room labelled the Mine i.e. the one with the school thingy)

    My email is [email removed for privacy – thanks!]

    Fingers crossed that I get it! :D

  2. I have literarily novice what room… Plaza? XD well here’s my gmail: [removed for privacy] BTW keep up the good work and thanks for doing this ;D

  3. Hey Train I wanted to ask you something
    I’m from Spain and Disney Channel is airing a new Club Penguin show that has nothing to do with the Merry Walrus thing. I’m watching it right now and they built some kind of machine with an iceberg
    I wanted to know if this is a CP series or just a single episode
    Thanks :)

  4. Trainman sir! I got the answer.

    Here it is: The room where this image corresponds to is called the Mine Shack. I took a snapshot of my findings at the Mine Shack from this year’s holiday party which can be found at this link:

    The image describes a portion of the Toy workshop that is located on the right where the big red striped candy cane is found beside the entrance area on the box that has a green rectangular shape with a small red cubed square that is affixed to it.

  5. The screenshot is from the Toy Workshop in the Mine area, It is behind the giant cup of hot chocolate. The picture consists of (part of) a purple present with a red bow. My email address is [email removed for privacy – thanks!]

  6. Oh my goodness this was a very challenging task you are quite clever my friend but my guess is in the mine shack again thanks for doing this giveaway and stay awesome :D

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