Check out this awesome picture of the Club Penguin Island transformed with #ProjectSuperSecret

After roughly two months of silence on social media, today Spike Hike tweeted out of the blue – and it’s a big screenshot of Project Super Secret!

Here’s the tweet…

And here’s the image by itself:


You might notice something similar in the image when comparing it to last month’s Project Super Secret sneak peek.

Overall, I think it looks cool. It kinda reminds me of a Mario Party map, lol. I don’t quite understand the whole grassy/foresty area when Club Penguin is meant to be a snowy island, however…

14 thoughts on “Check out this awesome picture of the Club Penguin Island transformed with #ProjectSuperSecret

  1. Hmm… To be honest, It reminds me when they had Beta Testing for games, like Puffle Bowling. It also reminds me of Game Day XD

  2. looks like a new Club Penguin game for the wii u,but an overworld expansion,if my calculations were correct,this might be the new club penguin island,or it could be a wii u game,or for mobile,GOSH SO MANY QUESTIONS TO ASK!

  3. Looks like a ps2 game :D crash bandicoot and games like that, but i like the colors, hopefully everything is crisp and smooth and not pixeladed and blurry or something anyway i can’t wait to explore it :D

  4. Also trainman, this big image is NOT a random sneak peek! this image is most likely from a Gameplay or sneak peek trailer/video! :)

  5. Club Penguin: The Game?

    Coming in videogame consoles like Xbox One, Wii U, and Playstation 4 as well a PC version to play it in 3D? If this is exactly what Project Super Secret is about, then I have no ideea how come it will be “bigger” than Club Penguin. I must admit it looks somewhat cool, yet I can seriously expect it to be buggier than 2D. Usually, EVERYTIME when CP tries to do something big like this, it causes MORE trouble (huge examples: mobile apps; especially the Club Penguin app).

    Next, it’ll be HARDER to do certain things on the island. In the case of parties/events, it’d take MORE WORK to get few things done the number of rooms decorated could decrease to 2-5 and the same problem could happen with items and puffles + connect it to the mobile apps.

    I just hope Project Super Secret turns out to be that BIG as Spike Hike mentions.

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