Club Penguin Wasn’t Nominated for a BAFTA Award This Year

By / October 21, 2015

Club Penguin won a BAFTA award back in 2010, but since then they haven’t been as lucky. In the years past 2010 the game was nominated but did not win the best game category. This year Club Penguin wasn’t even nominated. ?

Bin Weevils, however, is nominated once again.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 11.22.27 PM

This year’s choices besides Bin Weevils are Crossy Road, Disney Infinity 2.0, FIFA 15, Just Dance 2015, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, Minecraft, Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire, Skylanders Trap Team, and World of Warriors.

My thoughts?

Thanks Snowy!

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I honestly feel that Club Penguin will die off in the next year or two…

I can see why, they’ve stopped releasing new items, the parties have been incredibly small for the past year and they haven’t really made a new game or unique feature in ages.



Bin Weevils? The game that give hats to players that voted for it?



Most of these games are mobile apps or videogames. I thought this section was exclusive for inline games. I see Moshi Monsters was excluded just like CP and because of similar reasons. MM (as far as I’m aware of) stopped updating for more than a year while CP didn’t really do a good job over the past year. Bin Weevils, however, gives items for those players who vote for them, which IMO it’s genuinely a horrible sportmanship and BW doesn’t deserve to get a spot in it, but of course, kids will love the item :D

On the other hand, Disney needs to do more stuff for CP. They keep using their money for many other stuff than CP. Working on DI 3.0 very quickly, mobile apps (some being 3 Match Game and out of Cinderella, Frozen, Inside Out, and idk what else, CP has to be the chosen one) while CP had to take down a mobile app (Puffle Wild), close an entire office, abolish Germand and Russian servers, and Disney still seems to care about other things (especially since they’re very profitable for them apparently).