THE APOCALYPSE IS HERE (Update: The Apocalypse Has Ended)

UPDATE: Club Penguin fixed this giant bug and you can now see other people’s messages again.

At the moment absolutely no messages pass the chat filter aside from keyboard shortcuts like pressing “H” on the keyboard for “Hello”.


How great is that?! RIP Club Penguin.

Thanks Riyita!

23 thoughts on “THE APOCALYPSE IS HERE (Update: The Apocalypse Has Ended)

  1. Club Penguin Times:

    Breaking news! Massive riots in the streets. No one is safe. The Elite Penguin Force is looking for answers, but nobody will SPEAK UP!

    In other news: Don’t forget to grab a slice of cake at the 10 Years Anniversary Party at the Coffee Shop, only for a limited time! Mmm, cake…

  2. Train the apocalypse already happened. Remember the prehistoric party last year or the year year before were it said you penguin is going to be banned or something like that?

      • No it was when it was at the prehistoric party and it said our penguin accounts would be deactivated in less than an hour if we didn’t activate them or something and we couldn’t activate them. It said our puffles were hungry and we couldn’t type anything. All we could use was the emotes and so many people were so sad.

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