Club Penguin’s Puffle Wild App Removed From iOS App Store, Android App Scrapped

My timing couldn’t have been better. On September 1st I posted a tweet questioning if Puffle Wild was ever going to get more levels, then the following day a new article was posted on Disney’s website stating that the app has been discontinued. It was removed the same day as Club Penguin’s German and Russian versions.

Consequentially, this also means that the Android app that was in the works has been scrapped.

You can check out the article about Puffle Wild on Disney’s website here. This is what it says:

Puffle Wild for iOS has now been retired. Although it was a tough choice to make, it allows us to focus on building new and more engaging game.

You can still play the Puffle Wild app if it’s downloaded on your device. We won’t be making any updates to the game though, and you can’t log into your Club Penguin account or make in-app purchases.

We really appreciate your support and understanding!

Please note that Disney Interactive is not responsible for providing refunds or credits for any virtual items, in-game currency, or other items that may be no longer available once a game is shut down. For more information, please see Disney Terms of Use.

This is the second Club Penguin app to be discontinued. Their first one was Puffle Launch.

23 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s Puffle Wild App Removed From iOS App Store, Android App Scrapped

  1. it seems every time a company shuts down a game they always say “so we can focus on other projects” :/ plus darn now I’ll NEVER get it :( I was actually looking forward to that for Android :(

    • I never played it either, but I don’t think you missed out on much. You can get all the puffles online now, and the game itself is basically another Candy Crush clone, and there’s hundreds of that kind of game out there you can play.

  2. It’s not a surprise for me. A few months ago they added all Puffle Wild’s puffles to Club Penguin on deskop so people mostly stopped playing Puffle Wild app. If I would have a choice to get that puffles from app or deskop, of course I would choose deskop.

    • Sounds like it’s (was) a match three or more with the exclusive being the wild puffles.
      There are tons of them you can play or download for free for all sorts of devices.
      We play the Fishdom games, the rewards there are aquariums you can customize.

    • @Pengu- well I do like playing those games

      @Turk- well I do have a thing for match three games (like Candy Crush, Diamond Digger, Farm Hero’s, Pet Rescue Saga, Frozen Free Fall, etc.) but my personal favorite kind is time management (like the Dash games, Cake Mania, Delicious, etc.)

  3. Why don’t they just have certain teams work on certain things? Do they already do that? Because if so then wow! You guys need to hire more people.

  4. Lol. They say to work on other engaging games? Biggest lie of them all. Lol. Can’t they just admit no one played it, or like they are lacking money, or maybe that they will close CP sooner than later? This suspense of “Oh it was so hard to do that” is really annoying me,

  5. I never played this cuz I never had an IOS device. Although I played Puffle Launch a while before it was discontinued. (Android). There are most likely other websites in which you can download the installer package (I know it’s not Android but I only know Android apps where the installer is .apk and I don’t know about IOS so I have no idea what the installer package for this game is) and install it, although obviously as they said you can’t log in and get puffles.

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