On This Day In Club Penguin History – August 20

On the 20th of August Club Penguin has only updated in 2010. That year there was three igloo related updates, a new login screen, and the featured postcards were updated.

Two of the three igloo related updates on this day in 2010 involve catalogues. Both the furniture and the igloo catalogues were updated. The furniture catalogue allowed you to create your own furniture based on different pattern selections and the igloo catalogue contained the all new Cozy Cottage Igloo, costing 2,500 coins. A new login screen advertising the new custom furniture was added to the game, too.


The other igloo update was new igloo music. The new tracks were You Rock!, The Ringmaster, and For Great Justice.

The other update in 2010 was the featured postcards being updated. Three brand new postcards were added. They were Campfire Story, Thank You, and Check Out My Igloo. The Igloo Party and Turn Green postcards returned.


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