Club Penguin Announces September 2015’s Party: A Descendants Takeover

Club Penguin’s done calling their takeovers a takeover and instead referring to it as a party. Anywho, either way it doesn’t really change what September’s party is going to be: Descendants!

Just like all their other parties takeovers, I haven’t seen Descendants, either. The movie recently premiered on Disney Channel here in the US and many players requested such a party, although I’m willing to bet that they were working on it even before the movie aired and players asked for a Descendants themed party, since Club Penguin works on things several months in advance.

Here’s some concept artwork Megg shared when announcing the party:


During the party the Iceberg will be floating over on the Club Penguin app, too.

What are your thoughts on there being a Descendants Party/Takeover?

14 thoughts on “Club Penguin Announces September 2015’s Party: A Descendants Takeover

  1. This is actually one of the few takeovers I’m ok with, since it’s probably the closest we’ll get to a Medieval Party this year.

  2. It makes me sad…
    These parties are just ads to get people to watch Disney’s newest releases.
    There are so many VERY good Disney movies I wish they would use instead of these insipid new ones.


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  3. I can’t see why CP can’t make a takeover out of an animated show (Gravity Falls, Star vs the Forces of Evil, etc.)

  4. the movie was great (not the best Disney movie ever but still) and obviously the iceberg will be themed The Isle of The Lost and the reason it is coming so close to CP is that they can make it look like a bridge between the school and the berg aka Auradon Prep and The Isle of The Lost

    I have read some of the dialog (CP Space gave some) and it sounds like it is going to be like the Frozen party and the Star Wars Rebels party (aka take a great thing and make it awful on CP) that and we all know how CP is

  5. If this party is happening due to popular demand, then how come we didn’t get an original Medieval Party yet? Or another Water Party? Or another EPF and Card-Jitsu themed party? Or decorate more rooms with decent decorations?

    I hope this party turns out good

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