August 24, 2015 Penguin of the Week – Galaxyswag

By / August 28, 2015

On Monday Megg posted a new penguin of the week. This week’s lucky penguin is Galaxyswag, who was nominated by Dustyrose16.

Here’s what Dusyrose said in their nomination:

“I would like to nominate Galaxyswag for penguin of the week. She helped me feel better when I was sad. We hang out all the time so I won’t be alone. When I was new to this game, she taught me how to play the game. She also taught me some fashion advice. So that’s why I would like to nominate Galaxyswag.”


Galaxyswag received 10,000 coins and the Penguin of the Week background. Great job!

Want to nominate someone for POTW? Comment on the Club Penguin Blog with their account username and why they should be chosen and they may be picked!

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