On This Day In Club Penguin History – July 1

On the 1st of July there has only been updates in 2008. There was going to be a new pin and new clothing catalogue released on this day in 2011, however they were delayed an extra week.

The fireworks added to the game on this day in 2008 were for Canada day and the 4th of July. They could be found at the Iceberg and Mountain.



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11 thoughts on “On This Day In Club Penguin History – July 1

    • Well, I just read your post on your personal life and I’m sorry to see that you’re going through some bad times right now. :( I hope you get better very soon.

      I haven’t been playing Club Penguin for months now, which is kind of sad because looking back it was a major part of my childhood (I basically used to be ADDICTED to that game) and looking at your posts now, it looks like the Festival of Snow is pretty cool and brings back old memories.

      Anyways, you were the best out there for Club Penguin blogs. You inspired me and my friends to make our own blogs and go on Club Penguin for updates because of your awesome site. Even though we don’t play Club Penguin anymore (well, I’m sort of on hiatus I guess, maybe), you are still part of our memories, our CLUB PENGUIN MEMORIES. You actually still come up in some conversations, like “remember this” and “remember that”.

      Ever since I was 7 I’ve been following your site, and now that I’m 15, I may not be playing Club Penguin, but I will always remember Club Penguin and this site. :)

      • Pretty funny you asked how I’ve been right around the same time I made the post, lol. Were the best? I am the best. Just kidding. :P I appreciate you saying all that, thank you.

  1. Hey Train. Remember that screen update the ios app got and I found out android didn’t?
    Well yesterday the android app got updated to version 1.6.7 which includes that new screen and a player name makeover.
    Just letting you know! :D

  2. That’s it , I’m quitting CP for good! That whole thing with the catalogs are no longer swf, that’s the crappiest thing I’ve ever seen them do by far! Did they forget CP is a FLASH GAME?!?!?! Maybe next when playing you won’t be able to move because the hole town and everything will just be a png and everything will just be frozen! Good job, CP, you just lost another player!

  3. i am waiting for club penguin to say in November that its closing . My evidence after 10th anniversary
    closed Brighton office, decrease in traffic,decrease in membership sales,polo field gone and some employees laid off NEXT CLUB PENGUIN GONE

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