Extended Sneak Peek of #ProjectSuperSecret Video

Remember that #ProjectSuperSecret sneak peek from last week? That video was very brief, just five seconds long. On Friday an extended twenty five second sneak peek video was uploaded by Club Penguin. In case you haven’t seen their video of it yet, here you go:

Here’s what Megg had said in her blog post when she posted the video:

We’ve seen a lot of rumors floating around about a certain Project: Super Secret. Do you remember Spike Hike mentioning this in his “Where in the World is Spike Hike” post last year? We’ve been working on some amazing things and here’s a sneak peek of one of them!

Shout out to Riyita for creating the epic hoodie ;)

5 thoughts on “Extended Sneak Peek of #ProjectSuperSecret Video

  1. hate the graphics love the feature :) btw this sounds like another version of a idea I sent them. the original idea was that for like the new outfits if we liked the jacket of a body item but hated the pants that came with it we can just delete the pants and keep the jacket although this idea seems cool :)

  2. Idk how I feel about this, CP just wouldn’t be the same without the classic, hand drawn graphics, but I understand it needs to change with the times. I guess I need to see more of project super secret to really judge

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