Club Penguin June 2015 Featured Fan Art Video

On Friday the Club Penguin Team released their video featuring some of the fan art they received throughout the month of June. The main theme of last month’s artwork was the EPF.

For July the team wants you to submit artwork showing off their inner emotions. You can submit fan art here.

2 thoughts on “Club Penguin June 2015 Featured Fan Art Video

  1. in the picture with Gary and the black penguin Gary looks like “are we done here?” and the black penguin looks like “yaaaaay (huffs)” funny

    on another note does anyone else see that EVERY month they ONLY show pictures that have to do with wat happened THAT month. no pictures of smiling penguins no penguins playing games no penguins walking their puffles no! they have officially taken the meaning of fan art away and replaced it with a competition to get ur picture featured in a 50 second video in which no one knows if u drew it or not but ONLY if u draw their current events no creative thoughts no “be yourself” stuff no! just “DO IT THIS WAY! AND IF U DON’T THEN FORGET IT! (breathes fire all over everyone) (idc if I’m being overly dramatic)

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