Club Penguin Blog: Herbert Sketch

Today Deamama posed a sketch of Herbert that one of Club Penguin’s artists recently drew. It’s awesome! Here’s the blog post:

Hi friends,

One of our artists was drawing what he thought Herbert saw in the mirror. And when the team saw this, we all LAUGHED.


If our artists sketch some more famous penguins, who would you like to see most?

I love that art style…I’d like to see Rookie drawn! Or me. :P

4 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: Herbert Sketch

  1. I don’t exactly get the point of that blog post but does anyone else notice the background looks like the Arctic Circle (where Herbert is from) and Klutzy is there too? tell me I’m worn but I’m pretty sure Klutzy came AFTER he left that area (for anyone going to say “oh it could be CP” well CP does not really have any snowstorms except for snow ninjas)

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