On This Day In Club Penguin History – June 20

By / June 20, 2015

On the 20th of June Club Penguin has only updated in 2008. That year there was a new pin and the furniture catalogue was updated.

The new pin hidden on this day in 2008 was the Basketball Pin. It’s Club Penguin’s 64th pin overall and was the fourth pin to be hidden at the Pizza Parlour.

The other update in 2008 was the furniture catalogue being updated for the month. It contained all sorts of summer themed items such as the Umbrella Table, Surf Beach Towel, Beach Umbrella, Mermaid Vanity, and Orange Inflatable Sofa.



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On the 20th June, Pengupalchum started waddling around reality :P
But aren’t you forgetting Puffle Digging was released in 2013 on this same day and CP was down becauase they forgot to update their domain on 2011