June 21, 2015 Penguin of the Week: Natalie7255

Cool Pengui`n XD nominated Natalie7255 for Penguin of the Week, and their submission was chosen! Here is their comment:

“Ooo, I don’t know who to choose! There are so many awesome, helpful penguin waddling around the island. Hmm….. I’ll choose a penguin, Natalie7255, who I saw starting to try and tip the ice berg. She got a few penguins to join her, too. Even though it didn’t tip, she still encouraged other penguins to keep trying and we ended up having a good time. Then we became friends and went and got pizza after that. She so cool. Hope she wins the next penguin of the week!”


As a reward for being Penguin of the Week she received 10,000 coins and the exclusive Penguin of the Week background. Congratulations, and great job!

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