Updated – Secret Meeting With WHO?!

Today Club Penguin has updated Herbert’s website. Here’s what the site now looks like. There’s a mug saying I am a BOSS, a frame with several photos of him on the island, and a to-do list…who do you think Herbert’s secret meeting is with?

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 4.00.19 PM

Hopefully we find out more details soon!

Thanks GeekJose!

34 thoughts on “ Updated – Secret Meeting With WHO?!

  1. It looks like it says Tusk. OPERATION:NINJA CONFIRMED!
    Although I hope it says Skip. He is my FAVOURITE cp villain.
    At least this is nice compared to the catalogues.

  2. according to rumor Card Jitsu shadow will be released on November 2015 and Tusk leaves the battle using his shadow power when he is defeated i guess it is tusk Herbert is meeting and cj shadow will have a connection with Herbert and EPF

  3. I don’t know if it’s just me but I think the first letter is T and the name appears to be short,so I think it might be Tusk,after all we don’t really know what happened to him after Card-Jitsu Snow,he surely didn’t die,he probably is still on the island.

  4. Looks like either “Tusk” or “Dot”. Although I seriously doubt it’s Dot, if Club Penguin were to do another “friendly character betrayal plot” like they did with the Halloween Party, they would build up Dot’s apparent trustworthiness before revealing that she was evil, and she hasn’t been doing much recently. Tusk, however, that seems a lot more likely with Card Jitzu Shadow believed to be on the horizon.

    Come to think of it, there was something that Spike Hike was talking about on his twitter back when he still used it. He wasn’t exactly confirming anything, but there was a certain party idea he was talking about.

    Operation: Ninja, anyone?

  5. It says 666 on the post it note. I hope that they don’t end up planting bad religious messages into the game..

  6. I don’t think that’s Tusk, you see on the top of the spring there is a line, so maybe the last letter is E or T or F, and the beggining letter can be T or I or L

  7. Tusk, Operation Ninja, Tusk and Herbert team up, card jitsu shadow and new Herbert party come together for an ultimate party in November

  8. Guys it’s DOT!! If you look closely the first letter is D not T. And you can see the O T so it’s dot!!! No doubt

  9. Everyone settle down! It cleary says Dot because you can’t know another 3 letter name on Club Penguin and you can see the ot then a little bit of the d. Who do you think it is Trainman1405?

  10. Guys I don’t know yet but Card-Jitsu shadow is a very good idea I’ll pass it onto the team but it probably not gonna be in November but I will try my best to make it happen although I can’t conform it but I might post something before the party starts so keep visiting the blog daily

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