Club Penguin Inside Out Party 2015 Sneak Peek

By / June 30, 2015

Yesterday on the Club Penguin Blog Deamama posted a sneak peek sketch of Rockhopper’s room at the party.

Here’s what her post says, along with the sneak peek image:

The team’s working hard to get new things ready for you—the Disney Pixar Inside Out Party’s coming!! On desktop computers it’ll be July 23-Aug. 5 and on the Club Penguin app it’ll be July 23-Aug. 19.

So I was asking around to see a bit of the room art for that party, and managed to get my flippers on this concept sketch for you…


I think it looks pretty neat.

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Bubsey Good

Bubsey Good

I’ve seen Inside out, so let be get this straight: (Spoiler Alert!) The movie got dark and scary at some bits (not in the way you think) and considering Club Penguin is very lighthearted, it really won’t feel like Inside Out. Especially since it’s rockhopper, will Rockhopper have Riley’s Emotions?

Rockhopper is a swashbucklin’ pirate who eats stinky cheese and sails the seven seas with his puffle Yarr on his ship the Migrator.

Riley is an 11 year old girl who lived in Minnesota but moved to San Francisco, she loves hockey but hates broccoli. (I’ll eat it if it’s cooked :P)

Hopefully, they’ll do what they did in the end credit scene of the movie and give Rockhopper emotions with pirate hats and big black beards. (The three Bs :P)

This is Club Penguin though, either they have Pete Docter and a bunch of Inside Out writers, or they’re doing this from trailers.

Luis ver

Luis ver

Awesome!!!! i predicted this party would happen. i love the movie