Club Penguin EPF Training Mission 7 Guide – Clockwork Repairs

By / June 26, 2015

If you’re stuck and need help with the seventh EPF Training/PSA mission, Clockwork Repairs, I have a guide and video tutorial available for you.

1. Talk to G. He will show you a surveillance video of Herbert dismantling the clock tower.
2. Before you leave the HQ, go over to the lockers. You need to the magnet. You can unlock the lock by inputting “key” in the PSA code – there is a key of characters in the bottom right corner that you can always reference.
3. Once you have the magnet, go into the gadget room and collect the life preserver. Then head to the Dock.
4. Once you are at the Dock, talk to the blue team and ask them for the target they have. They won’t give it up without a fight, though. You need to hit the target three times in a mini-game. Once you do that they will forfeit the target. In return, give them the life preserver you picked up from the HQ. Now head to the Iceberg.
5. Use the magnet to bring the spring in the water to shore. Collect it. Now go to the Beach.
6. Take the pail that’s resting in the snow.
7. Go to the Town. Talk to Rookie and take a flyer with a picture of the gear.
7. Go to the Snow Forts, fill the pail up with snow, then go to the Pizza Parlour.
8. In the Pizza Parlour is a sheet of music. Pick it up and take it to the Stage.
9. Play the sheet of music you picked up on the Stage’s piano. Hit the corresponding key colours. If done correctly, the yellow puffle will come out of hiding.
10. Show the yellow puffle the flyer with the gear, then give it the snow in the mail to create a replica. Put it in your inventory.
11. Go to the HQ and inside the gadget room. Put the spring on the conveyor belt of the Test Chamber. Press the fire button so it’ll melt the ice. Put the spring back in your inventory.
12. Do the same with the gear, but instead of fire, press the ice/snow button. Put the icey gear in your inventory.
13. Go to the Snow Forts and put the gear, spring, and target back in place on the clock tower.
14. You’ll then get a call from Herbert and G will arrive. The mission will then conclude.

Here is a video of the mission:

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i miss these missions. i loved looking forward to them and they never did too much hand holding