Club Penguin EPF Training Mission 5 Guide – Secrets of the Fur

By / June 26, 2015

If you’re stuck and need help with the fifth EPF Training/PSA mission, Secrets of the Fur, I have a guide and video tutorial available for you.

1. Talk to G. He will ask for your assistance fixing his machine.
2. Click the machine and then open your spy phone. Take the comb and use it on the fur.
3. Once done analysing that fur, G will give you the white fur from a previous mission. Put the fur into the machine. It’ll do two scans. The first scan will not find anything. The second scan will find hot chocolate, hot sauce, and jet pack fuel. Before you go anywhere, get the AC 1000 that’s in the Gadget Room, as you’ll need it later.
4. Go to the Pizza Parlor. Ask the chef what happened, then ask if you can take some hot sauce and chocolate sauce. Then ask if you can help him, in which case he’ll say you can deliver a pizza. Take that pizza and go to the Ski Lodge, then to where Ice Fishing is. Deliver the pizza.
5. Go to the Coffee Shop and talk to the employee. He will show you a drawing of the monster eh saw. Then ask him for some hot chocolate. He’ll tell you the machine is broken.
6. Fix the machine by using the wrench. Put the mug below the hot chocolate dispenser,. Then pour the chocolate into the top of the machine, turn the temperature to hot, and press the button to pour the hot chocolate.
6. Put the mug of hot chocolate into your inventory then go to the Lighthouse Beacon. Use the AC 1000 on the jet pack fuel to blow it towards you. Cut the fuel down using the scissors from your spy phone.
7. Go back to the HQ. Pour the hot sauce, jet pack fuel, and hot chocolate into the machine to calibrate to goggles. Take them.
8. Go to the Ski Lodge. You’ll see footprints. Go to the back of the Lodge and you’ll see the shadow of Herbert. Go to the Lighthouse.
9. Take the net and rope that’s inside the Lighthouse. Head back to the Ski Lodge. Make sure you take the candle that’s in the room.
10. Combine the net and rope together to make a trap. Then add the candle.
11. Klutzy will wander out and become trapped. Herbert will run away. Take Klutzy as well as the fur that’s left behind from Herbert and put it in your inventory.
12. Go back to the HQ and give the crab to G. Put the fur Herbert left behind into the machine. It’ll come up with a match this time: a polar bear. The mission will then conclude.

Here is a video of the mission:

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