Club Penguin EPF Training Mission 4 Guide – Avalanche Rescue

Today Club Penguin released EPF Training Missions 1-4, which are actually old PSA missions. If you’re stuck and need help on any of the missions I have a guide available for you.

1. Start the mission by talking to G. Then go to the Gadget Room once he unlocks the door to it.
2. Once you’re in the Gadget Room pick up the life preserver. Go to the Ski Village.
3. Once you’re at the Ski Village you will see fur next to the crying penguin. Pick it up.
4. Go to the Ski Lodge and pick up the fishing pole.
5. Go to the Sports Shop and collect the belt that the model penguin is wearing.
6. Go back to the Ski Village. Repeat the chair lift with the belt you took.
7. Go to the Lighthouse and pick up the rope. Combine the rope, fishing pole, and life preserver. Then go to the Mountain.
8. Figure out the correct mountain path.
9. Once you’re at the cliff, throw the life preserver down.
10. Rescue three of the penguins with the life preserver. You need to drop all the penguins next to the rock. The rock will then fall and push the fourth and final penguin onto a higher spot where you can then reach him.
11. Once the fourth penguin is rescued you’ll wind up back at the Mountain. Talk to G, give him the white fur you found, and then the mission will be over.

Here is a video of the mission:

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