Club Penguin EPF Training Mission 3 Guide – Case of the Missing Coins

Today Club Penguin released EPF Training Missions 1-4, which are actually old PSA missions. If you’re stuck and need help on any of the missions I have a guide available for you.

1. Start off by talking to the other agent in the room. Tell him to open the door. He can’t. Go up to the Manager’s Office.
2. Click under the couch. Pick up the paperclip and disk. Go over to the computer. Put the disk in the computer and turn it on.
3. Once the disk loads on the computer click “My Files” and then “Combination_Number”. Be sure to take note of the numbers and go back downstairs.
4. Go over to the safe. Use the numbers that were on the disk to open the safe. Once it’s open go inside. Eventually your phone will ring. Go to the HQ.
5. Talk to G then look at the footage. Once the footage is over go to the key drawer and click on the yellow key that’s on the upper left corner of the drawer. Take it and go back to the Gift Shop.
6. Go upstairs to the Manager’s Office. Use the key to get on the roof.
7. Once you’re on the roof pick up the white fur. Then use your wrench to take the bolts off the box.
8. Once the box is open, put the paperclip in it. The box will malfunction. Once it does that go back to the downstairs portion of the Gift Shop.
9. Go to the HQ and give G the white fur.
10. Head to the Town. Go inside the Dance Club. Turn on your night vision goggles.
11. Go to the Boiler Room and open up the fuse box.
12. Turn all the buttons on the fuse grid green.
13. Go back to the HQ. The mission is now over.

Here is a video of the mission:

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