Club Penguin EPF Training Mission 1 Guide – Case of the Missing Puffles

Today Club Penguin released EPF Training Missions 1-4, which are actually old PSA missions. If you’re stuck and need help on any of the missions I have a guide available for you.

1. Start off by talking to Aunt Arctic. Then go to the Pet Shop.
2. Once you’re at the Pet Shop, look for a note on the Puffle House.
3. There is a note on the code. It’ll say “G has (number) pairs of socks”. The number is different each time so you’ll have to find out yourself. Once you have the number go to the Sports Shop.
5. Ask G if he has any special items. Give the answer to how many socks he has. Once you tell him ask him if you can see any spy gadgets.
6. After you ask him he’ll open up the cabinet. Take the Life Preserver Shooter and Grappling Hook. Once you get it go to the Iceberg.
7. At the Iceberg use the Life Preserver shooter to help the penguins. Once you’re done go to the Ski Hill.
8. At the Ski Hill you’ll see a penguin use the wrench to fix the telescope. Once it’s fixed, look through it and you’ll spot one of Aunt Arctic’s puffles.
9. Go to the Tallest Mountain. Use the Grappling Hook to climb it. You’ll find Aunt Arctic’s Green Puffle and Purple Puffle. You’ll then go back to¬†Aunt Arctic, return her puffles, and the mission will be over.

Here is a video of the mission:

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  1. The note said six but he wouldn’t tell me anything anyway.
    I went back it still said six and he still wouldn’t help.

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