Club Penguin Blog Redesign Delayed Until Next Month

Club Penguin was going to release a new design for the blog today, however because it’s “so amazing” according to Megg, it’s been delayed until next month.

This is what Megg said:

Remember back to when we shared my June calendar of events? In the June 17 box, I had written that the blog would be getting a new look and it’s going to be amazing! So amazing in fact that we had to delay it until mid July to make it even MORE amazing.

Not to worry though, here’s a sneak peek that she gave us!


What are your thoughts on the upcoming redesign?

10 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog Redesign Delayed Until Next Month

  1. CP keeps pushing things back or cancelling them, and then ends up wondering why we don’t have faith within the CP team any more… it’s actually not even funny or surprising any more.

  2. As long as there aren’t any bugs in it, then this will be great. Just think about it! Maybe CP didn’t have their code thingy ready for the redesign and therefore they needed more time to fix some small issues. Would you like to see the new design now filled with a lot of bugs? OR would you like to see the new design 1 month later and see it in a perfect situation with few or no bugs?

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