My Little Pony Takeover Confirmed

Just kidding, it’s an advertisement made by Club Penguin talking about how nonmembers will beĀ able to adopt the rainbow puffle on mobile for free later this month.

I think that’s Megg’s voice at the end? Either way, from May 21st through June 3rd nonmembers can get a rainbow puffle on mobile. Will you be adopting one?

28 thoughts on “My Little Pony Takeover Confirmed

  1. So no mlp takeover?
    GOOD! NEVER EVER do that again Trainman. You almost gave me a heat attack. (Not literally)

  2. ponies: were here!
    me: nope nope nope! ur not wanted here (gets broom and shoves them out door and slams door)
    NO My Little Pony EVER (and it won’t happen ever because Disney doesn’t own them)

  3. well, i already have a rainbow puffle, i got it thanks to membership i won here 2 years ago :), im happy that others nonmember will have one too

  4. i would rather have a miley cyrus takeover than an mlp one, thank god u were joking i almost had a heart attack haha
    my little pony was better in the 90s lmao

  5. hey ppl who don’t like me guess wat? I’m not leaving! get over your selves and accept that I’m here to stay and if u don’t like then just ignore me or don’ comment idc but ur not gonna make me go cry in a corner because of ur snooty comments because ik that ur rude pathetic comments are not gonna make a difference in my life choices and weather u want me to run away and never come back to this site or not I’m gonna stay and the fact is weather I complain or not its my opinion and weather u agree or not its still mine so deal with it idk where u live but where I’m from it is not illegal to complain so I can if I want too. thx for reading!

  6. I literally almost started yelling about the My Little Pony thing, lol. To be honest, I don’t know if Disney owns it, but if they do, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was real. :\

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