Here’s a List of Every Club Penguin Update Coming In June

Maaaajor spoiler alert! On the Club Penguin Blog today Megg posted a copy of the Club Penguin Team’s calendar for the month of June, listing everything they have planned for next month!


The full list:

June 2 – Chill out in the attic and think about conspiracy theories!
June 3 – Drawing of Herbert’s(?) footprints that spread out to June 5th, 6th, and 12th
June 4 – Puffle Berry Mall opens! New clothing and furniture catalogue!
June 8 – “Bring Cookies” in the PSA code
June 10 – Sled Racer Challenge!! YAY!!!
June 11 – EPF Training Missions 1-4
June 13 – Give Lela a bath & haircut!
June 14 – Buy a gift for dad!
June 15, 16, 22, 23 – Random square of… FREE TIME! Booyah.
June 17 – Blog gets a whole new look! Woo!
June 18 – EPF Training Missions 5-8
June 18 – Surprise Royal items for everyone only on the Club Penguin app June 18-24
June 21 – Father’s Day!
June 24 – Special studio guest! (and Bday celebration)
June 25 – EPF Training Missions 9-11
June 26 – Royal themed meet up on CP app?
June 29 – July Party Announcement
June 30 – Make sure to complete training missions!

Find out:
1. Where Rockhopper is
2. How to make healthy “ice cream” cake
3 Plan for 10th Anniversary

Don’t forget random dancing!

All in all, it sounds like June is going to be a fun month! Instead of a party there will be EPF missions…I wonder what they will be like? UPDATE: They’ll just be the PSA missions rebranded. :(

25 thoughts on “Here’s a List of Every Club Penguin Update Coming In June

    • Which is weird because there is no reason for that to happen since there’s no updates there, lol.

  1. “June 18 – ‘Surprise’ Royal items for everyone only on the Club Penguin app June 18-24” *sigh* Really Club Penguin? Looking forward to these missions, sounds like EPF doesn’t even exist lately

  2. Unfortunately the missions are just the old ones.

    Megg answered:

    “They will be the classic missions (found on our Fun Stuff page) that we are adding into the world again :D I tried playing them again earlier this week and WOW I forgot how challenging they were. I’m looking forward to seeing how all of you do!”

  3. If these missions are Operation: Hot Sauce-esque events then I’m perfectly fine with having them instead of a party, as all of them combined plus all the other big updates happening this month will probably end up surpassing the content-amount of the average party. I have to say, if June is as good as this calender is making it seem then CP might just get its groove back in time for its centennial.

    …Provided the following four months are decent.

  4. So it boils down to:
    in June the catalogs come out on the 4th in the new mall, and they are making the EPF missions available again ‘in game’ so you don’t have to go to the blog to play them.

    I wonder if the mission stamps will become active again.

    Eh, good enough for me really, I like Club Penguin even without the parties.

  5. Meg just said the EPF missions will be the ones we had when the HQ got blown up with popcorn by herbert…. once again club penguin does it again by returning old stuff

  6. It won’t take a detective to find out the next party is a Medieval party.

    Royal items, is that enough proof for you?

  7. Now that I think about it, how would CP bring back the PSA Missions? Will there be a room (just like the VR Room) and have something to experience the old PSA Missions again? Or will CP have the missions in Operation: Hot Sauce style (in-game missions around the island).

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