Club Penguin Times Issue #501 – Puffle Berry Mall Opening Soon!

Club Penguin has released a new newspaper! This is their 28th of May edition. This is the twenty second issue of 2015 and it brings us to a total of 501 published newspaper issues.

The first main article is about the Stage closing and the Puffle Berry Mall taking its place. It seems like now everybody cares about the Stage all of a sudden!

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 2.47.55 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 2.48.19 PM

The second main article in this week’s newspaper issue is about Sensei at the Fair.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 2.48.28 PM

Here are the upcoming events:

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 2.48.48 PM

The second page of the newspaper has more content such as a new Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal comic and jokes.

The following pages have been updated:

59 thoughts on “Club Penguin Times Issue #501 – Puffle Berry Mall Opening Soon!

  1. Why CP? Its was just renew the stage’s idea, giving a new look, a new interactive way to act, but no, they need to throw away one of the oldest rooms in the game to giving place to a crappy mall. Why? Club Penguin appears to spit in the players faces.

        • They care about people’s opinions it’s just people where under using the stage, it’s aware to see ANYONE in there no matter what server you’re on. Nobody will go with your idea cuz of the few amount of people that know of your existence, good look trying to screw with CP!


    Why not tried something instead of throwing dirt under the rug? Why give up the problem??????

  3. And by CP’s fault launching a catalog with all items, nobody came again to the room, they bought all items and never came again to the room. It’s totally cp’s fault, totally.

  4. Makes sense I guess, nobody is ever in the Stage and folks went nuts over the mall for some reason when they had it. Don’t know why, there wasn’t anything to do there.
    I liked the Stage better myself but I’m usually in the minority.

    • True. But that’s probably because Club Penguin didn’t put any effort into making new Stage plays and to make it more updated and entertaining.

      Maybe if they didn’t return Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal for the 11th time this month.

  5. I don’t really care about the Stage, it’s pointless anyway. Back then, you couldn’t go to space so they had a “space” play at the stage. You had to use your “imagination”. Nowadays, the Death Star appears out of nowhere and we travel through the galaxies.

    But, why do they have to turn it into a Puffle Mall? It’s all about the puffles these days.. Puffle Hotel, Puffle Food, Puffle Park, Dog and Cat Puffles (seriously?), Puffle Wild, Puffle Lodge!!!

    Welcome to Club Puffle! (and some penguins too).

    • Well… The puffle berry mall first appeared In September 2014. It was named “Puffle berry” mall to commemorate Puffle wild (app) which was to release in 2-3 months time. The logo was even some wild O’berries. (Green, blue and red) The puffle hotel and puffle park were made for puffles hence their names. Puffle wild (room) was named after the app because they shared the same puffles. Puffle food was named because it is for puffles. Cat and Dog puffles were likely in development when penguins were going crazy over the confirmation of Dino puffles. The puffle lodge I believe was named because it was the best place to access the puffle wild being a lodge and all and PH rebuilt it which obviously ties it in with puffles. Finally, Club penguin was renamed Club puffle during March 2012 for the puffle party.

      I agree about the stage though. I liked it when plays were relevant. Now with plays it’s Music party = Ninja play. The last party relevant play was in December. Though the every paly catalog was a nice idea to get items from plays which never returned it meant going back to the stage every month was pointless. I actually gave up with the stage on my minecraft CP and just made dinner theatre. A bunch of tables and chairs and a stage for players to perform.

      I hope the puffle berry mall is going to have at least one catalog in it otherwise it’s as pointless as the stage. It would be just for show. It also may be for ease on the CP app as the stage is not yet available. Some plays may not even be compatible for the app. It’s not the oldest building in the plaza anyway, that award goes to the Pizza parlor. The Pizza parlor will likely always be there. A redesign is welcome but I will NEVER allow the Pizza parlor to leave CP.

  6. Yeah I am not in for this. I liked the stage a lot even though I was not there that much, but who wants to have a stupid mall replace it. If the mall was like five rooms or so then I will be good with it but it just seems pointless. The stage is fine and I think they need to keep it there or just remove the whole building. Yeah I miss old CP.

  7. “It seems like everybody cares about the Stage all of the sudden!”

    Ironically enough, everyone started caring about the big tree at the Mine Shack when it was announced to be taken away. Moral of the story: you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. That, or people just want to be contrary.

    I like this idea. The Stage has become a dead zone for a while now. In a more simplistic, 2007-style virtual world, it was a good idea and still is, on paper, but in reality, it is outdated and needs either an overhaul or needs to be replaced. I’m pleased to see they’ve taken the latter route. The Stage was home to some fun times, but was never really incredible to look at.

    People’ll get over it eventually. I haven’t heard about the big tree since July 2013…funny how things work.

    • The community tree is still there. Pay attention to the left of the university. Notice any huge tree? That is it. The community tree. It was just moved to the right. Even the vegetable patch is still there. All that was removed is the recycling plant and the Herbert statue.
      I agree though people are contradictory to one another. Like in video games, people asked for something which wasn’t in a game but when it was released with that addition, people didn’t like it. Take Sonic 4 for example. People asked for gameplay like the classic games but when the game came out people hated it BECAUSE it played like a classic game. Apparently it was, “a mockery of what made the old games great.”

      • The tree is still there but when it was announced that the room was changing, people didn’t know it was going to be moved. Everyone immediately decided it was gone and panicked. If you move a rock in the Forest, there would be controversy over that. You can’t please everyone, regardless.

  8. its sad the stage is closing but I actually liked the mall a little more :) (but everything else new sucks) btw ppl they told me in an email all the other old rooms (boiler room, underwater pool, iceberg) are going to updated also and by updated I mean destroyed. the fact is they don’t care about us and are NOT smart about their choices I mean really they keep losing players left and right and not gaining really any all they think about is making a quick buck right now and not making money for long term so they are just idiots


  9. Puffle this, Puffle that. Why don’t you just name Club Penguin “Club Puffle”!?! 2014: Year of Puffle creatures

  10. To be honest, I like the Mall more than the Stage. I just hope the Mall has more to offer. Still, is it NECESSARY to replace the Stage with the Mall. Honestly, I like both rooms. It’s just that the Stage needed new plays and a new change. An update to the plays’ set and/or a redesign to the room.

    Either that, or also return plays that actually weren’t brought back after a LONG Time. What happened with Norman Swarm has been Transformed, Space Adventure (the original; not Planet Y), Team Blue VS Team Red, My Awesome Life: The Herbert Story, Underwater Adventure, and Twelfth Fish? They keep bringing back Quest for the Golden Puffle, Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal VS Squidzoid, The Haunting of the Vikings Opera but not the ones that I’ve previously mentioned. Just to let you know that those plays CP barely brought offerred a lot of roleplay interaction as well and in my opinion, even more than the recurring ones.

    Somehow, I feel the Clothes Shop will be useless once the Mall is added…

    • What did you like about the mall?
      It had the escalators and a fountain you could throw coins in, but you couldn’t really enter any of the stores.
      Norman Swarm, Ruby & the Ruby and the Christmas one were my favorite plays at the Stage.


    that is my rant XD

  12. Club Penguins logic of replacing the Stage is just stupid. They want to replace it because no one uses it and it’s become dead. But what made the Stage a dead place to begin with was because they stopped working on it. If they had done more with it and made more plays I think people would still enjoy it. I care about the Stage a lot, I always have and I honestly think Club Penguin shouldn’t get rid of such an old an classic room. However, I also don’t think it isn’t fair to Club Penguin that people start to care when they decide to get rid of it.

  13. They could have done a poll to see if people wanted the Stage or the Puffle Berry Mall, don’t they always say they care about/listen to what we have to say?

  14. You guys need to remember something. You aren’t the only ones playing Club Penguin. Little kids are playing as well, so stop being so self-centered. I don’t think the Stage ever appealed to them (same thing with the recycling center). I rarely see any penguins at the stage anymore.. and the mall was pretty popular during the School/Walrus party. To me, I personally don’t care about takeovers and renovations even though I’ve been playing Club Penguin for 8 years or so.

    • It should, but Club Penguins history doesnt matter anymore. If you look back, Golden Puffles were just a mystery, and no one had ever seen the Iceberg tipped. The current staff simply dont care about the history or even the mysteries of CP. And it’s a mighty shame.

  15. Is replacing the Stage REALLY that bad? I mean, it’s just the same ones every month, every year. I mean, I for one love the Stage as well, but no one’s really ever in it, and it kinda gets boring re-using the same plays over and over again. I’m not excited about the Mall coming, but I’d just like to see ONE new play in the Stage.

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