Club Penguin Blog: One Puffle Poster To Rule Them All (New Puffle Sneak Peeks!)

Yesterday Megg posted a giant poster of all the puffle species on Club Penguin as well as unreleased ones such as the cow puffle and robot puffle, however due to a bug the PDF file containing the poster didn’t work so we can’t see the full thing yet. The team is working hard to fix it.

UPDATE: It has been fixed. You can view the full poster here.

In the meantime, here is Megg’s current post:

Hey Penguins!

Ever wondered how many puffles are out there? Well we’ve got a poster for that and it’s EPIC.

***UPDATE: The link we provided is not working to download the poster. Stay tuned while we find a way to make it work! :)

For now, here’s a tip on how to view the image below: Zoom in on each of the puffle descriptions by holding down the command or control key and pressing the + key on your keyboard. To zoom out, hold the command or control key again and press the – key. (Sorry it will be a little blurry!)


Isn’t it amazing?! Huge round of applause for Deamama and Spaghett, our super talented writer and designer, who worked really hard to create this.

Do you have any of these? Have you seen any of these? Ones that aren’t on here, maybe?? Let us know in the comments which puffle is your favorite and why!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

35 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: One Puffle Poster To Rule Them All (New Puffle Sneak Peeks!)

  1. When she said a “little” Blurry. She meant “blurry so you can’t read the small text” blurry.
    In any case, I have already thought of names for some of the new puffles.
    Yeti: Bigfluff
    Lava 1: Molten
    Lava 2: Popcorn
    Skunk: Mist

  2. if this list does not say “WARNING way to many puffles” then wat does? don’t get me wrong I like puffles but they have twisted and turned puffles into something they aren’t just to make a profit and keep us away from asking questions about their office life

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